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About us

SkateNation was created to provide a culture and experience, through trips to iconic places in the world of skateboard.

Through the motto of skating in a place of dreams, we teach culture about the countries where we travel, in addition, we are helping young people and children to exercise autonomy, the spirit of living in groups.

Foto: Diego Sarmento


- Safe practice of skateboarding.

- The cultivation of friendships, the creation of an exchange between skaters from all over the world;

- Immersion in the culture of the countries where we pass;

- Sports evolution. (We always try to reconcile SkateVacation tours with international events)

- The development of autonomy. (Practical classes on resource management and personal organization)

Dedicating his life to skateboard

"A lived my dreams as a skateboarder, now I want to help the new generation to live their dreams."

Foto: Pablo Vaz

SkateNation's founder, Tulio Oliveira has hundreds of stamps in his passport.

For more than 10 years, Tulio has traveled the world competing at international events, making presentations and participating in recordings and photo shoots.


China, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Chile, France, United States, Canada and Mexico are some of the countries visited by Tulio. From each trip, Tulio brought back memories and a unique learning experience.


This passion for visiting places began at the age of 15, when Tulio could experience a year of exchange in the United States, the experience opened his mind to the world.

After winning sponsors, participating in internationally renowned competitions, Tulio decided it was time to go further. The skateboarder founded SkateNation, initially as a private skate park, but soon the project became what it is today.


Now, at the age of 30's, Tulio Oliveira works to share this experience with children and young people. The friends made over the years as a professional skateboarder have become partners and connections that make SkateNation products a unique experience.


Tulio Oliveira

- 18 Years of Skate

- Bronze Medal: X Games Asia 2012

- 3rd place in the Germany Skate World in 2007

- Founded in 2013 SkateNation, a skate park in Campinas - SP

Foto: Pablo Vaz


Provide a unique experience to children, teenagers, and adults using skateboarding.

Foto: Diego Sarmento
Foto: Diego Sarmento

Travel with us

Skatenation develops programs for Brazilians, Portuguese's or skaters on any particular country interest in living a unique experience through skateboarding.



Travel to California for an amazing 12-days journey visiting skateparks, skate sports and much more.

Skate Exchange

Learn English and acquire knowledge about the history and the industry of skateboarding in a 30 day journey, visiting skateparks, skate sports and much more.

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